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NoESCape Game Servers

DEDICATED GAME SERVERS                                          3  SERVERs up : AC, FS and Wow
AC = Asheron's call                                                             About NoESCape
FS = FarmingSimulator 19
CE = Conan Exiles
H2 = Heretic 2
Q2 = Quake 2
Q3 = Quake 3
ARK=ARK Survival Evolved
Wow=  World of warcraft wotlk

DS = Dungeon Siege & Legends of Aranna  
BattleField 2
Star Trek Voyager Elite Force

Or what do u wanna play?

NoESCape doesn't provide clients for any games.
Ebay is a good place to buy games cheap.

NoESCape is always looking for games with dedicated server files.
If you know of one Leave a message on one of the forums.

You can request any server to run at any time in the forums.