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NOESCAPE Farming Simulator 19


April 28 2021
Category News
NOESCAPE Farming Simulator 19
The Current game  is Ravenport:

I made the default map with all farms My farm, Your Farm INC, Cotton INC, Beets Potatoes INC, Loggers INC, Sugar Cane INC. Community Zoo INC .

I am also experimenting with server side code/script/xml and what ever the fuk it was (jk).
Now we have 3 times the pay out at one of the selling points to move things along a lil faster.
So check before you sell your stuff. 

Each farm has the lowest basic equipment to start and 100Grand, Which farm do u want?
Upgrades on specialty farms will begin when manager sees availability of funds.
Each Person that wants to farm manage will have to show me they can Manage YourFarm INC. From Harvest time to second fertilizer time in 1 session. ( use the forum to request )
All overs will have to wait for managers password

When a farm maxes out  it will be reset

no mods